Just a few things...

I grew up in a large, loving family and we were always celebrating one thing or another. Beyond the cheer of spending time together and the good food I always loved the extra little touches like a seasonal place card or holiday themed sign to set the scene. My desire is to create these types of custom designs for others and help create memorable experiences for them.

When I’m not pouring my time into P&P I am exploring my new home city of Budapest! I also love to indulge in a fancy espresso drink at a local coffee shop or go for a walk while listening to podcasts, mostly healthy & wellness ones.

Lastly I love love love lists so if you want to know more about me here you go:
  1. I’m pretty obsessed with my two cats Sophie & Carter
  2. I have never been able to keep plants alive, yet I continue to try since I love having some greenery in my home
  3. If I could change careers I would probably become a chef or baker since the kitchen is my other love
  4. It’s torturous but I will always be a Cleveland sports fan
  5. I need my morning coffee or espresso to function and am completely addicted to my nespresso machine
I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me!

I would love to continue the conversation with you, just send me a message and tell me something about yourself.