Proof & Parchment is a modern design & calligraphy studio creating memorable brands and joyful products

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I’m Alicia the creator of Proof & Parchment, a modern design & calligraphy studio


My days are spent trying to bring a little bit of cheer into the homes of other’s and at events with handmade designs and custom signage. The things I am most passionate about are of course good design and being creative but I also love seeing the joy other’s receive from a simple piece of art in their home. Or seeing their elation at custom designed signage used to elevate their event or special day.

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Maryland Valkyries
Logo design for Maryland Valkyrie’s Rugby Team
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Holiday Season Prep: Just Breathe
Custom Coffee Mugs
Here are a variety of super fun coffee mugs with hand lettered designs!Each design is completely unique from a pumpkin
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It's all about balance.

Modern & Playful, Structure & Flow, Digital & Paper, Mockups & Sketches, Joy & Emotion
Welcome to the world of Proof & Parchment where it's all about the balance between following the grid and coloring outside the lines.
Take a look around at the variety of projects, I'd love to get to know what design & calligraphy needs you require!
I hope you are also able to learn a little about me in the process as I share parts of my world with you.

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