I’m Alicia the creator of Proof & Parchment


My days are spent trying to bring a little bit of cheer into the homes of other’s and at events with handmade designs and custom signage.

The things I am most passionate about are of course good design and being creative but I also love seeing the joy other’s receive from a simple piece of art in their home. Or seeing their elation at a custom design used to elevate their event or special day.

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Featured Designs

Modern Design and Calligraphy Studio

Custom Designed Modern Calligraphy Family Dates Print
Custom designed modern calligraphy print personalized with your family’s details. This print features your wedding date along with your kid’s

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Glam & Cheerful Personalized Save the Date Designs
Custom designed save the date with modern calligraphy and personalized with your wedding details. This digital print features your names,

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Finding a Fine Feather Branding
Custom designed modern hand lettered logo and branding suite for Finding a Fine Feather. The logo mark includes hand lettered

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Custom Designed Modern Calligraphy Wedding Print
Custom designed modern calligraphy print for the wedding couple including their names, wedding date, and wedding quote. The design was

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Custom Winter & Holiday Art Prints in Calligraphy
A custom collection of calligraphy prints for the winter season. These are created with pointed pen calligraphy using black ink

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Alicia & Kyle’s Modern Calligraphy Wedding Designs
When it came to my wedding I designed the complete package using modern calligraphy and custom hand lettering for all

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Teddy, birth print name detail
Custom Designed Hand Lettered Personalized Birth Facts Print
Custom designed modern hand lettered print personalized with your newborn’s birth details. This digital print features your newborn’s name, birthday,

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Calligraphy Watercolor Holiday Print: Joy Peace & Love, glitter background
Custom Calligraphy Holiday Prints
A custom collection of calligraphy holiday prints. These are created with pointed pen calligraphy and hand painted watercolor before being

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It's all about balance.

Modern & Design, Structure & Flow, Digital & Paper, Mockups & Sketches, Joy & Emotion...welcome to the world of Proof & Parchment where it's all about the balance between following the grid and coloring outside the lines. Take a look around at the variety of projects, I'd love to get to know what design & calligraphy needs you require! I hope you are also able to learn a little about me in the process as I share parts of my world with you.

Graphic Design

A variety of print and digital designs from data visualization & brand identity to marketing materials & presentations.

Web Design

User interaction & user experience focused on design to ensure a seamless customer experience online.


A mix of modern and traditional calligraphy from envelopes to signage to create the perfect environment.

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I would love to hear from you!